We all know that the social media world is fast paced and ever-changing, if you do not keep up with the trends then it will be hard to make sure that your online presence stays relevant. One of these changes comes in the form of Instagram’s new algorithm which aims to stop users from missing posts. This change works by showing posts that the user is most likely to interact with first. The instagram algorithm only shows these posts and hides the old ones, this means that if you don’t continually post then your followers will not see what you share.

The instagram algorithm change has had a huge impact on brands and companies across the world who now need to work harder than ever to get their posts seen by users. This is where the Instagram Archiving tool comes in, this tool allows you to automatically pull all of your followers onto a list so that they can view your old content. This means that companies are now able to keep up with the changes brought in by instagram and still be seen by users. If you would like to know how to mass archive Instagram posts then continue reading.

How to archive all instagram posts at once

1. To start archiving your Instagram posts simply go to Hootsuite then click ‘New Message’ from the top menu. In this example, we will use Facebook but you can do this with any social media platform.

2. Once in the compose box, type in when you want the post to be shared. You can set this to anything, whether you want it shared on the hour or once a day.

3. Next step is to make sure that you are archiving your followers by adding hashtags into the message area. The format for the hashtag section is #archive followed by the number of days that you would like to go back, for example if you would like to go back one year then write #archive365. Once you have written the hashtag, click ‘Add Hashtags’.

4. Once you have filled out all of the required fields simply click send and your posts will be sent out with that hashtag at whatever time interval you chose. You can now watch as your posts are archived and your profile is kept up to date with the latest content.

Tip: You can also do this process by creating a scheduled post, if you would like help with setting up scheduled posts then please click here for more information. Scheduling your posts is ideal as it means that all of your hard work won’t be in vain.

Use a social media management platform to bulk archive Instagram posts

If you find yourself having to archive a large number of Instagram posts then it is best to use a social media management platform such as Hootsuite. This will allow you to mass archive your posts in the quickest and easiest way possible without any hassle and with minimal effort involved. You can also bulk schedule all of your posts at once so that your content is always up to date. Hootsuite also has a variety of features that will allow you to manage all aspects of your online presence with just one platform.


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites since it launched back in 2010. It is used by people all over the world whether they are looking for news, information or entertainment. Instagram needed to change its algorithm to make it easier for users to see new posts on their feed otherwise there would be no point in using the app. The Instagram algorithm now means that users miss out on posts from brands and companies but there is a solution.